Rhea "Skip" Taylor, Fayette County Mayor      


Appendix  A:  Tennessee Delta Regional Authority Strategic Plan

Appendix  BMississippi Delta Regional Authority Strategic Plan

Appendix  CUniversity of Tennessee Economic Impact Study

Appendix  DPublic Private Partnership Agreement

Appendix  E:  City of Piperton Planning Process

Appendix  F:  City of Piperton Major Road Plan

Appendix  G:  NFS/Insight Research Economic and Employment  Impact Analysis

Appendix  H:  Tennessee and the Crescent Corridor

Appendix  I:  City of Piperton / State of TN U.S. Highway 57 Traffic Study

Appendix  J:  City of Piperton Approved Road Engineering Specifications

Appendix  K:  Capital Budget Projections

Appendix  L:  NFS/TN Funding Criteria

Appendix  M:  Partnership Letters of Support

Appendix  N Project Readiness Timeline

Appendix  O Federal Wage Certificate

Appendix  P Fayette Falcon  Front Page Article “Fayette County Regional Industrial Development  EQUALS JOBS – Projected over 10,000 Jobs will be created”

Benefit Cost Analysis Data and Spreadsheet Calculations



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