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Election by Mail

Individuals who registered to vote by-mail and are voting for the first time since that registration must follow the process outlined below.

  1. Voter completes the application for ballot.

  2. The computer signature list identifies the person as a first-time voter who registered to vote by mail. (Depending on the particular voter registration system used by the county election commission, this identifier will differ.  For many systems, the words "ID Required" will be next to the name, for other systems, the words "By-Mail Registrant" will be indicated.)  Regardless of what words are used to flag the voter, the person cannot vote until the following process is done.

  3. The person must present an acceptable form of identification before voting.  (See below for a listing of "Acceptable Forms of Identification") 

  4. If  the person presents an acceptable form of identification, then process the voter as usual.

  5. If the person cannot present an acceptable from of identification, the person must be informed that he or she can either vote a provisional ballot or leave and return with an acceptable form of identification.

  6. If the person chooses to vote provisionally, follow the procedure for provisional voting.  You must inform the person that unless acceptable form of identification is presented, the provisional ballot will not be counted under Tennessee law.

  7. If the person chooses to leave to get an acceptable form of Identification, then the application for ballot should be placed in alphabetical order with all other applications of persons in the same situation.  You must inform the voter of the exact time in which the polls close and that the hours will not be extended to accommodate anyone.

  8. The person cannot vote a provisional ballot and then return with an acceptable form of identification.  The voter must choose one or the other option.

Acceptable Forms of Identification to be used by the "By - Mail" Registrant who is Voting for the First Time:

Examples of Acceptable Photo Identification
(Must contain Photograph & Signature)

Examples of Acceptable Non-Photo Identification
(Must contain Name, Address & Signature)

1.  Tennessee Driver's License 1.  Tennessee Voter Registration Card
2.  U.S. Passport 2.  Valid Identification Card issued by any Tennessee agency or an agency of the U.S.
3.  Student Identification Card 3.  Valid Pilot's License issued by the Federal Aviation Administration or other authorized agency in the U.S.
4.  Military Identification Card 4.  Valid Tennessee Hunting or Fishing License
5.  Employee Identification Card 5.  Valid Tennessee License to Carry a Handgun
6.  Valid Commercial Pilot's License  


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