Rhea "Skip" Taylor, Fayette County Mayor      
Growth Plan



Fayette County Growth Plan Map

Fayette County Growth Plan Committee Members

Growth Plan Committee Meeting Agenda

2007 Fayette County


Rep. Title: Name: Address: Phone:
Chickasaw Electric   Co-op. Mgr. Paul Harris P.O.Box 459, Somerville, TN 38068 465-3591
City of Braden Mayor Chester Cocke 335 Hwy 59, Mason TN 38049 594-5188
City of Gallaway Comm. Dominic Berretta P.O. Box 168, Gallaway, TN  38036 867-8081
City of Grand Junction Mayor Curtis Lane P.O.Box 129, Grand Junction, TN  38039 731/764-2871
City of LaGrange Mayor Bill Cowan P.O.Box 621, LaGrange, TN 38046 Cell: 413-3236
City of Moscow Mayor Nancy Johnson P.O.Box 185, Moscow, TN 38057 877-9837
City of Oakland Mayor Bill Mullins P.O. Box 56, Oakland, TN 38060 465-8523
City of Oakland Ald. John Evans P.O. Box 56, Oakland, TN 38060 465-8523
City of Piperton Mayor Buck Chambers P.O.Box 328, Collierville, TN 38027 850-5993
City of Williston Mayor Audrey McQueen P.O.Box 131, Williston, TN  38076 465-4173
Hickory Withe Member Billy Whitworth 2250 Donnelson Dr., Eads, TN 38028 465-3901
Fayette County Mayor Rhea Taylor P.O.Box 218, Somerville, TN  38068 465-5202
Macon Member Debbie Sullivan P.O. Box 56, Macon, TN  38048 465-5223
Chamber of Commerce Chair Dutch Vanderpool P.O.Box 411, Somerville, TN  38068 465-8690
Board of Education   Ricky Hoskins P.O. Box 9, Somerville, TN  38068 465-5260
Nat. Resources Cons. Svs. Chair Harris Armour 18084 Hwy 64, Somerville, TN  38068 465-2631
Somerville Light, Gas & Water City Adm. Eddie Yaun P.O.Box 909, Somerville, TN  38068 465-7306
Town of Rossville Mayor James Gaither P.O. Box 27, Rossville, TN  38066 853-4197
Town of Somerville Mayor Bob Morris P.O.Box 909, Somerville, TN  38068 465-7300
Town of Somerville Member Betsy Lewis 113 E. South St., Somerville, TN  38068 465-8586



 September 27, 2007 

1.  Call to Order

2.  Roll Call

3.  Invocation

4.  Pledge of Allegiance

5.  Adoption of Agenda

6.  Approval of Minutes - July 26, 2007

7.  Review of Process for Changes to the Urban Growth Boundaries of :

     **The above listed towns have indicated that they would have changes to present, but at the time of the setting of this agenda, some have not finished with the required procedures and meetings.

9.  Discussion on the Requests for Changes to the Fayette County Growth Plan

     **During this time, the Public will be allowed a time to comment.

10. Motion to Set Next Meeting Date and Time

11. Motion to Adjourn



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